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Applications Created in Java

Java is the most popular programming language that is widely used to build mobile and web applications. Οur java experts undertake to build any application successfully.

What you 'll get

  • Desktop GUI Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Scientific Applications
  • Web-based Applications
  • Embedded Systems
  • Big Data Technologies
  • Distributed Applications
  • Cloud-based Applications
  • Web servers and Application servers
  • Software Tools
  • Gaming Applications


Anel’s team develops responsive applications, online stores and websites for a unique mobile and desktop that meet the specific needs of our customers. Through our specialized knowledge and cutting-edge strategies that we apply, we have the confidence that we offer high quality services and keep our customers happy.

Top Java Applications in Real World


Spotify is a well-known music streaming app that allows users to stream nearly any song, album, or artist. Users can also find podcasts at any moment in this app. One can use Spotify using any device from phone to tablet to computer.

Spotify is appealing because one can access content for free by simply connecting with Facebook or by signing up using their email address.

To use the premium version of Spotify, all one has to do is subscribe to the app. It’s easy to get started, and there’s no commitment.

NASA WorldWind

NASA WorldWind, an open-source virtual globe that is built on the Java development platform. It allows the users to zoom from any of the satellites into any place on Earth. 

WorldWind enables the developers to create interactive visualizations of the 3D globe, geographically easily, and map information. 

With WorldWind, the organizations around it can monitor weather patterns, track vehicle movement, visualize cities and terrain, and educate humanity about the Earth.


Murex, a third-party trading platform, is a big part of the more significant financial services industry. It is a popular trading app. This high-frequency trading system is scripted in the Java language.

Murex’s lead role is to process effective technology as a catalyst for innovation and growth in the capital market. Murex has created a cross-asset trading, cloud-ready, and risk management platform. It is a flexible, scalable, and cost-reduction application.

We combine creativity, technical expertise, and process-driven development to create innovative products.